Inspirational Video I Found On The Web

This is a video I found in the internet that inspired my editing and helped me understand more about some technical problems i might have (regarding the editing). As we can see, in the first 30 40 seconds of the video, the editor curiously played with the timing of the music together with a simple but captivating shots of the city.

Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.29.15 Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.30.02 Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.32.35

Still shots were mainly used when the drums were played whilst the guitar and the voice were used for establishing artistic shots of queues and fans. I liked how the editor decided not to do just a simple edit by cutting to the beat by following the main instrument rhythm; but instead decided to use all the different instruments and arrange them all together with a cut to the beat edit. Each instrument had his own rhythm, the director changed the shot every time a significant note was played by an instrument; the editor managed to organize all the instruments and images with a complex editing method and creative flow that perfectly manages to grab your attention.

Just the first 30 seconds is the part that I liked and inspired me, but it’s still a catchy song worth seeing the rest of it!

I also noticed the director of the video chose to use different effects depending on what they were filming. The idea I had for my project was similar  to this one; to give some effects to certain shots I did in order to make the atmosphere more intense. Unfortunately I faced several problems, all of my shots were made outdoor at night, so applying an effect would have just made the image less clear for the viewer to see, so I decided to drop the idea and think of something else. Another problem I had, was the editing part on the computer. The editing of my video resulted much more complex that what I thought, the timing of the music was very fast and I had to fit as many shots as possible without forgetting about the precise editing I must follow. Since my whole video is based on the music timing and cutting to the beat, making a mistake in the editing part would tear apart the whole video.

Further in my project thinking, I realised that forcing an idea was the worst thing you could do to improve your project, so I decided to let the destiny bring me its way.


Sample Video for My Title Sequence

Quick edit I did to get my head around in the software i’m using: Final Cut Pro X. I used the footage i had been shooting in London a few days ago. My laptop battery died after 1 hour and a half of editing, i didn’t want to throw away my work so i thought you could appreciate watching it! Editing done in half of my last Media Studies lecture.

I added the final edit of my sample video, I worked on it for another hour to fit it more titles. I also recently decided to change the music for my sequence, at the start I wanted an electric guitar with some drums in the background to play but then I thought more about it and understood that maybe some light techno music would be more relevant and suitable.



StoryBoard Sheet – Mrs Robinson


story board

These are the photos of my Storyboard sheets. More or less my title sequence will follow this story line, maybe i will adjust some things: as images and types of shots.The music play’s a big part in my video.

photo copia

photo copia 2


Most of the shots used were steady or hand-held. this because shooting a city like London can get problematic in terms of physically doing things. there are too many people that wont allow you to achieve the right result, premisses and so on.