Genre – The Genre Of My Title Sequence

My title sequence doesn’t really have a specific genre; the idea I had for my video was not to choose a straight forward genre to apply to the project but instead let the audience imagination fulfil they own wishes and desires. I could roughly say my title sequence has Comic Drama style. The sequence manages to enclose several genres as in Romantic Comedy, Drama, Thriller, in order to give the spectators a wide range of choice.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.59

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.07

The micro features present in the video reminds us of a Tv Series title sequence; the lights, the signs on the streets, tell us many things, what you can find in the city what you will miss if you wont go. The lights in the city manage to give the video a unique atmosphere that easily captivates your attention. The skylines on the city and the building from far away puts you in a position of tourist, a turist which is entertained by the beautiful city he’s in.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.24.59 Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.25.01 Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.25.13 Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.25.17

The quick cut to the beat editing is put there in order to make you feel the rush you might feel if living in a city like London where noting stops and is in constant movement. When you live in a city like london timing is the only thing that can keep you there, this is reflected in the timing of the music and shots around the city in the video project.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.35

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.45

In the Title Sequence you can find many different types of features that can make you remind of the genres as in the lights and specific shots taken, the type of font used to show the titles, the different templates with which images and names appear. I was really captivated by the idea of letting the audience chose a bit for me; By letting the audience think what they would like to be thinking i satisfy their whims and visual-entertaining desires and manage to attract their attention more that anything else. This is a great method to induce people to be curious enough to leave their everyday t programme and look for something different in the product we are offering.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.26

The idea of the closest genre I want to give is a genre that relies on the emotional and relational development of realistic characters within the story plot. It is set in London one of the greatest biggest city’s of the entire world, where people, shops and pubs and clubs never close, a city were everything can happen and everything will happen. A mixture of ideas and genre manages to give to the product mesmerizing flow throughout the scenes and easily attracts young audiences attentions.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.25.39

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.24.01

There aren’t any specific and clear narrative conventions in the video; the product only shows a perspective from a third person who is detached from the narrative. Basically lets the viewer think for himself without a clear outline of what will happen, the building the, shop signs, they all add up in order to entertain the viewer.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.23.39

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.24.37


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