The Editing Of My Title Sequence – Creative Ideas

IO decided to edit my title sequence with a quick cut to the beat appeal, i wanted to create a perfect balance through the elements with which i worked, like the sound the shots, the elements in the shots, the ideas to create and entertaining flow in the editing. And also this thrilling velocity of the images, naturally related to the name “The Haf Seen City” really manages to give an engaging emotion. The are all vital factors you need to take care of in order to create and appropriate sequence. The types of fonts and styles used in the video together with the colours had huge importance on the visual emotion the spectator has.

  Throughout all the title sequence i used about 29 different titles: each one of them had his own look, the colours, the fonts, the sizes and templates made the titles very appealing and entertaining to watch.

For the first 5 titles i decided to use white and not another colour because the background was tricky to the spectators eyes so the best way was to keep it simple.

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 02.23.40

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 02.23.48

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 01.56.00

From there on the title started to take different shapes and colours and way to appear. I used 3 different templates to make the titles appear which are: glow (when the title appeared and disappear slowly), Crime (when the letters appeared in a random order), custom (where the title just appeared without a fade or anything)

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 01.57.30

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 01.57.12

Throughout all the sequence the titles appear when a specific note is played, generally the note is has more importance than others and manages to give  a bit of push to the video and the emotions given to the viewer. I decided to choose this specific type of style of editing because I always found it simple and complex at the same time, appealing as no other type of editing, it was the perfect way to engage the viewer to the product.

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 01.56.30

Once I arrived in the city of london everything was much clearer, I understood straight away which were actually the appropriate fonts and styles to use and especially  how to relate it to the correct shot. Creating a timeline of paper really helped me organising the ideas regarding the time and the amount of titles I could fit in the maximum 2 minutes long sequence. When th editing time arrived it was difficult to assemble everything and chose the best shots even because I had limited time and I could really fit all of the best ones unfortunately.

Schermata 02-2456343 alle 19.32.02

I decided to use this style because nowadays audience seeks more from television than the classic tv shows that are all the same while years go by, the audience whats to be shown something different, appealing and visually entertaining. The young audience really counts on the visual aspect of it, it has to be nice, timed well and full of different features in order to satisfy their desires fully.


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