Title Sequence Analysis – Les Bleus de Ramville

Les Bleus de Ramville – 2012

Writers: Luc TheriaultRobert Marinier

The title sequence opens with a dark background which turns out to be a t-shirt over the camera lens. The shot manages to give the viewer a sensation of freedom. From a dark black environment it turns to a bright and shiny one, with lively colours and lighting. The whole title sequence is shot in high key lighting. The idea of setting free, visually, the emotion the viewer has while watching the sequence with white flashes manages to captivate their attention and reach subconsciously a pleasurable interior climax.



Many of the scenes are close-ups and they’re often shot with backlight lighting that tend to give the viewer an idea of hope like a light at the end of a tunnel. The director frequently decides to put a bright light coming from the corners of the screen. He sometimes uses mirrors or glass to reflect the light and increase the lighting in the shot. In this title sequence some of the shots are made graphically on the computer. In the title sequence i will be shooting, since its shot by night i wanted to insert as meny lights and and colorful shadows games in order to give visual entertainment to the spectators.


The director decided to film a high quantity of close-ups to make the viewer feel closer the characters and their deep emotions.Flashes of light appear frequently in the 4 different angles of the screen. They are used quite frequently to inspire a sensation of hope and happiness.

Most of the shots are in high key lighting thanks to bright colour of and thanks to the many white objects in the scenes like ice, t-shirts, masks,, helmets, robber bands and so on.


Interesting and catchy are the many close-ups, some of them are on objects while the camera slowly flows to the side, others are in slow motion of moving objects and people, like goals and spectators joys. He often uses low angles, overhead shots, over the shoulder. The images strictly follow the music timing. The shots are mainly quick, significant presence of fast cuts between them. At the end of each shot the director decided to put a bright light, increasing more and more till when we can’t see anything but a white screen; An appealing way to connect two entirely different scenes. The music is non diagetic, has a light impact on the viewer even if the piano notes are quite fast and strong. The music includes various sounds like the racket hitting the disk, the racket falling on the ice or the disk hitting the metal post. They all derive from the sport the film is about, Hockey. This all helps to make the viewer feel closer to the game, a game that is all about simple things spilled beer, fresh arena air and entertainment.

The audience, which the film is referred to, is sport junkies, young people, and teenagers. The titles appear every 3-4 seconds. It’s curious how the director sometimes decides to hide the titles behind objects and people, in order to move the camera away from the them and allowing the viewer see the titles clearly.  This type of title sequence inspired me in a creative way. It doesn’t just put the title in front of you, the director played with the different props in the shot and used them in a original way.


Title Sequence Analysis – Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire

Creator:Terrence Winter

The title sequence starts off with some catchy guitar notes followed by fast forward images of the sea receding back from the shore. The location and the key lighting remind us of a typical gangstar film from 1920’s in America. The costumes and make up helps to remind us that we are looking at a crime drama type of television series.Not too many types of Shots are being used, we see several close-ups on the Characters whole body, face (in particular eyes and nose), hands, feet etc. The effects the shots have on the viewer are diverse. The music is fast and catchy together with the fast shots of the sky and sand (a feature i will be using in mine title sequence fast captivating shots of landscape), while the behaviour and the look on the character’s face is secure, confident and satisfied. This helps to give a satisfied point view while watching the title sequence.  The whole sequence is shot in high key lighting, but the dark sand and the black rocks tend to give a cold and ominous sensation. This helps the viewer complete the sensation of corrupted atmosphere. The atmosphere is another feature i wanted to concentrate particularly  the viewer gives a lot of importance at the overall sensation of the atmosphere, to i wanted to satisfy this desire by using a smooth but fast theme to it, colourful lights and hypnotizing shadow games.

The target audience is mainly young males, although some middle-aged people watch it. The titles appear very quickly, one after the other every 2-3 seconds. In the first titles appear the names of the main actors like Steve Buscemi (the only man appearing in the title sequence), Michel Pitt, Kelly MacDonald. After the first 40 seconds the names of producers, editors, creators and directors start to appear. The director decided to have the names of the people much bigger that their role in the series. This target audience is the same one i intended to aim at with my title sequence. Youth has always been a particularly active target together with people starting to get closer to their middle age years.

The scenes give you a general outline of what the TV series could be about. We see many bottles, a sea of bottles, spread out on the sore, crashing with one another and against wooden poles. From this we can easily deduct that in the film there could be reference to alcohol and criminality during the prohibitionism times in the United States.

The sound in non diagetic, the way the music flows with scene and the waves is impressive. The editing is simple but haunting, the viewer is straight away caught by the flow of the scenes that are all cut to beat very precisely. The image of the man standing on the shore is overlapped onto images of sky’s, horizons and beaches; this also helps us understand the film has an old image.  For the whole title sequence the director decide to film in medium high key lighting, but only in the last 20 seconds we can see how the light is no longer cold but warm and pleasant.

This title sequence inspired me in a technical way, made me think more deeply about how to do things and approach the thought to them. The way the director and the editor put together the pieces in a creative and different way broadened my point of view. In the title sequence im analysing i noticed a precise cut to the beat editing, together with fast and slow motion of several shots. The method used by the editor to attract the viewers attention definitely succeeds,  putting together sound and image in order to create a mesmerising balance. This is the same method i will apply to the title sequence i will be shooting; relating the correct sound to the images and editing of the extract. By attracting the viewers attention I will succede in making him notice the complex editing i’ve been working in, and successively satisfying his expectations.

Title Sequence Analysis – The Warriors

The Warriors – Title Sequence (Video)

The Warriors – 1979

Director: Walter Hill

It’s interesting how the director, right from the start, gives us an unclear vision of what is happening. He uses a harsh contrast between the cold blue of the station and the pure red colour of the titles. The sense of mystery is given by the sombre atmosphere and the red blood colour of titles and other red lights.
The titles come in with an innocent attitude and with an almost kind tenderness every 5 seconds, following the light music. The font gives us an idea that there will be blood, this adds to the suspense and ambiguity the film offers. The first titles that appear are the producer and the house of cinematography. I chose to analyse  this title sequence, because right from the start, while talking about my initial ideas regarding the title sequence i will be shooting, i was firmly convinced that i wanted to shoot my title sequence at night and fit as many lights and colours as possible in order to have a contrast between the dark atmosphere and the bright colours inside of it.


The shots in the first minute are ambiguous, the director starts off the film with a slow flow of scenes to trick the spectators.
This start gives a distorted view of the film, as it will not be like this for the rest of the scenes. The director is addressing a strong audience, ready to witness a sturdy contrast between different types of people within society. Then we see purple-pink lights from the fun park on a black background, the cold blue lights next to the red ones while the train is approaching the camera. All of this leaves the viewer on the edge; he/she doesn’t know what to think or where his thoughts should go. the titles are very similar to the ones i would like to use, the colours and how they appear  together with the music; this is the theme I want to give to my project. What really inspirited me was the sinister atmosphere the director managed to give to the start of the film, the low-key lighting put so close the opposite high key lightning and bright shots really manages to give a catchy notes to it.

In the background the predominant colour is black, this gives a spooky atmosphere to the start of the film. The music is non diegetic, it reminds us of a horror film, with constant high string sound and long, simple and catchy guitar notes. Our attention and suspense arrives at the climax when the xylophone slowly comes in and leaves us waiting for something to happen. We could say that colours and music gives a crime dramatic style genre to the film. The relation the sound has with he image is quite relevant and well made; It manages to give fluidity throughout the shots and assemble the editing perfectly with the sound. This again will be the predominant feature in my Title Sequence. The colours definitely have a relevant part in the visual context, the variety of colours we see even related to the costumes the gangs wear really plays a vital part. I wanted use this idea of colours and reflect it to the majestic feeling metropolitan lights manage to give in the city during the dark night-time.

The story shows various gangs with their personal clothing going towards a specific place, the viewer is not told why, but he/she knows it will be something big, and of particular importance for them and the other gangs.
The rest of the scenes show the different gangs all approaching the established point. All these scenes are filmed with high key lighting to enable to viewer see clearly the costumes of the various gangs.

Schermata 02-2456340 alle 16.07.14

The rest of the scenes show the different gangs all approaching the established point. All these scenes are filmed with high key lighting to enable to viewer see clearly the costumes of the various gangs.

A particular type of title theme that inspired me in “the Warriors” is the one filmed in the underground, by shooting from the front of a moving train and letting the title come towards you as if the train was approaching the actual writing. the titles seen in this extract helped me to understand and think about all the possible technological ways to overcome problems or to make ideas come true; there are many different softwares that can help you to achieve what you desire. the atmosphere the sequence managed to obtain throughout the whole extract managed to put me in a state of mind where it was easier for me to perceive things and  make them become useful ideas.