Exporting & Compressing My Project File

Exporting the video after editing it and revising it a few times, was an important step in order to conclude fully my project. Initially, since I was unexperienced in using the software, i exported it with the option directly from Final Cut Pro (like shown in the photo below).

Schermata 03-2456354 alle 01.35.04

I faced several problem regarding the compression of the file through the internet, the file was too big and it failed to complete. Together with the package of Final Cut Pro X the product included Motion and Compressor Softwares. I was initially attracted by the themes Motion offered, but later on I understood that they weren’t adaptable to the kind of video I had in mind.
Schermata 03-2456354 alle 01.35.34

On the other hand Compressor helped me achieve what I wanted; I managed to compress a file of 4,91 GB in to 290 MB. Later on after looking at the exported and compressed video on the internet I noticed the video started lagging and the timing of the images didn’t respect the timing of the music and the video lost lot’s of its potential. Since I used a quick cut to the beat edit I decided to compress the file and adjust a few mistakes I did in the editing but the software denied the option of exporting in the file i wanted. I tried to Re-install the software but the submit button was grayed out.



I looked on the internet other ways to export the file and I could find any, till when i remembered having a simple software (Quicktime Player)with which I managed to screen record the intro visual effect and drag it onto my Final Cut Timeline with no difficulties. The software also had a compressing and exporting option from which you could choose from: it could compress the file up to  1080 p. all the way to a simple 540 p that also managed to keep a good quality. I chose a 720p Exporting/Compression that easily made my file shrink into a 178 mb. The file was compressed easily, without losing too much time to understand how it worked and the compression was really fast too.

Schermata 03-2456356 alle 17.29.42

The image below shows the Quick TimePlayer Icon. Quick TimePlayer is a pre-installed software in Apple Computers (Mac) and offers you a wide range of options to work with regarding videos and audio files; You can do many different things, from the compression of a file to exporting it, you can also screen record and watch many different format videos on it. This software really helped me finalize my project and managed to give a touch of simplicity to all my work.