Suits – Inspirational Video Regarding Titles, Editing, Shots & Sound

What I want to achieve from my title sequence is a complete, fluent, catchy flow that manages to mesmerize you thanks to colours of buildings and titles, the editing, the speed of the shots and cuts; I will achieve this after working hard on the softwares im using and after understanding how to overcome technical problems regarding the tools I am using to creat the whole video. grab the attention of the viewer.

Regarding the fact that I want to attract the audience’s attention, I decided to analyse several title sequences that appeared catchy to me and see what kind of shots they use together with the editing and the lighting in order to understand what really appeals the viewers and why. I chose Suits TV series Title sequence as an example:

After watching several times this title sequence I noticed that the director often used fast and slow motion related to moving objects or people; this managed to give a slightly catchy appeal to the video, and to this the director added several shots of nice and catchy buildings around the city together with colours that dominated the screen. After adding all of this up I reached a conclusion: the visual effect the video has on the viewer is of vital importance, the colours inside of the sequence, the shots, the editing and the music are the most important features that manage to attract the viewer’s attention and make him want to keep watching.

Schermata 02-2456346 alle 13.57.45

Schermata 02-2456346 alle 14.04.00

The visual entertainment is one of the main characteristics young audiences seek into tv series, film and shows. The audience i am targeting, teenagers from the age of 15/16 all the way to young adults of 28/29 years old, want to be entertained my the beauty of modernity; One my main objectives was to introduce a big variety of modern features i could find around the city (buildings, clubs, lights, artistic elements) in order to make the viewer feel confortable and at home, in the environment he wants to be living in, the one he sees on the screen.  I will link this title sequence analysis to my Project by applying these thoughts in a practical and appealing way. Regarding the colours i will change the title’s visual colour every time they appear, the lighting colours round the city must be varied, the editing shots and cuts must be quick and particularly precise on the beat and music drops. For the shots i have never been concerned, i chose London for a reason, because it was constantly full of buildings, lights, graffiti and beautiful typically pubs, and I’ve not been let down on that factor.

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Schermata 02-2456346 alle 14.06.51

The music instead was given to me thanks to a friend that works in the sound field and advised me to listen through a playlist he made and chose one from them. The guidance of my friend certainly helped me to get the right route. We can see how in the Suits Title sequence sound its very important too: all the images and titles appear when the music beat is played and gives a kind of elegant introduction to the name written on the screen. I decided to use the music the same way as introduction to shots and names and for its appealing purpose.

Schermata 02-2456346 alle 14.05.22


Inspirational Video I Found On The Web

This is a video I found in the internet that inspired my editing and helped me understand more about some technical problems i might have (regarding the editing). As we can see, in the first 30 40 seconds of the video, the editor curiously played with the timing of the music together with a simple but captivating shots of the city.

Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.29.15 Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.30.02 Schermata 02-2456347 alle 19.32.35

Still shots were mainly used when the drums were played whilst the guitar and the voice were used for establishing artistic shots of queues and fans. I liked how the editor decided not to do just a simple edit by cutting to the beat by following the main instrument rhythm; but instead decided to use all the different instruments and arrange them all together with a cut to the beat edit. Each instrument had his own rhythm, the director changed the shot every time a significant note was played by an instrument; the editor managed to organize all the instruments and images with a complex editing method and creative flow that perfectly manages to grab your attention.

Just the first 30 seconds is the part that I liked and inspired me, but it’s still a catchy song worth seeing the rest of it!

I also noticed the director of the video chose to use different effects depending on what they were filming. The idea I had for my project was similar  to this one; to give some effects to certain shots I did in order to make the atmosphere more intense. Unfortunately I faced several problems, all of my shots were made outdoor at night, so applying an effect would have just made the image less clear for the viewer to see, so I decided to drop the idea and think of something else. Another problem I had, was the editing part on the computer. The editing of my video resulted much more complex that what I thought, the timing of the music was very fast and I had to fit as many shots as possible without forgetting about the precise editing I must follow. Since my whole video is based on the music timing and cutting to the beat, making a mistake in the editing part would tear apart the whole video.

Further in my project thinking, I realised that forcing an idea was the worst thing you could do to improve your project, so I decided to let the destiny bring me its way.

Initial Ideas

Initial ideas for my Title Sequence:

– Mrs. Robinson

Initially the idea for my title sequence was to shoot in the town where i live, Canterbury. I was highly attracted by the typical things the town could offer my, from the classic British detached houses, all the way through a beautiful trip with a boat on the towns river. While the day were passing my thoughts went deeper and I realised that the things Canterbury could offer were limited. So I changed my mind and by looking through other title sequences on the internet I have been captivated by the idea of shooting a dark metropolitan theme title sequence which would have taken place in the majestic and enormous city of London.


The idea I want to give to the viewers is similar to a Gotham City one, a city full of lights, cars and city life. Thousands of people walking fast through the city like ants. The beautiful skylines, breathless buildings and the delightful bridges all over the city. All of this followed by the exiting atmosphere of London City. The titles in my project will appear in relation the image shown, considering the predominant colour, type of lighting and signs from the streets. Each object or feature shown in the city is completely unique and has to be shown respecting his characteristics and the theme. I manage to succeed in this by selecting specific camera angles, focuses, prospectives, zooms in order to give the viewer the right feeling.

Schermata 02-2456343 alle 18.03.05 Schermata 02-2456343 alle 18.03.24 Schermata 02-2456343 alle 18.03.47

Since I understood I would have been marked on the variety of shots i will be using, I managed to find a way to collect all the possible types of shots easily and make them stick together in nice way.


I will make my idea possible by filming my brother while he goes round the city with his motorbike by night, over and under bridges, under massive buildings in the city centre, through crowded streets and so on.

Schermata 02-2456332 alle 22.59.58

The genre i want to give to my titles is similar to the title used in Suits TV series, simple, plane and modern. The genre of the titles will strictly follow the theme of the images and the video itself in order to not lose the idea of modern, young, comic one. I would like to use a simple theme because I also would like to play with a complex and quick cut to the beat editing, and making the titles difficult to read doesn’t help. I also wanted to increase the tracking space from letter to letter in order to make it clearer and give it a more modern look.

Schermata 02-2456343 alle 19.32.02
Schermata 02-2456343 alle 19.32.19

The flow of my title sequence won’t be all the same, at the start I’ll make a title appear on a black background for a few seconds, then the motorbike light appears and shines on some titles, afterwards I will insert some quick footage of a motorbike entering a tunnel (the camera position will be on the front of the motorbike). I will repeat this sequence for two or three times.

Schermata 02-2456332 alle 23.01.28

Another idea i had, is to make a title appear far away from the camera and let the motorbike get closer to it in order to see it bigger and bigger at the point of actually going through the writing.

The titles:

The titles are the main point in this task, so i will concentrate principally on them. While working on my Sample Video i decided i few things to insert onto my real title sequence as in the font, titles order, when the they should appear and so on. The font of my titles will Helvetica Regular, with a Letterpress theme upon them. The titles will mainly appear with two templates: one is called Futuristic, were each letter appears on its own in an irregular order, while the other is called Costom. Custom is the most classic of all, its plain writing that appears and disappear without any particular template. The font will always be the same one. The titles will strictly follow the timing of the music together with the titles that will appear when a heavy notes are played.

Schermata 02-2456332 alle 23.06.17

The genre of the titles will be classic futuristic, but I don’t want to give a straight forward genre to my title sequence, i would like it to have an open narrative meaning. I want the spectators to conclude their vision of my work with a little bit of their imagination and sense of perception.

The lighting in my video has a relevant part, since it’s all shot by night the light is of vital importance to use the correct lighting in order to see clearly what the city has to show. I chose specific places where to shoot in order to gain the correct lighting and make the images nice and colourful. I also wanted to use several times a light modifier template to pass from one shot to the other; I could see how it managed to attract attention and give more light and flow to the video at the same time.

Schermata 02-2456343 alle 20.56.51 Schermata 02-2456343 alle 20.57.17

The sound together with the editing is one of the most important features of the video, I based a lot of my project on attracting the audience with the music and the editing related to the sound. I decided that i wanted to satisfy the audience with things they appreciated and since I knew what audience I was targeting (youth and young adults) I managed to succeed by analysing several title sequence the audience I am aiming would see and writing down what could attract them and what they would like to see.