Media Shooting Script



StoryBoard Sheet – Mrs Robinson


story board

These are the photos of my Storyboard sheets. More or less my title sequence will follow this story line, maybe i will adjust some things: as images and types of shots.The music play’s a big part in my video.

photo copia

photo copia 2


Most of the shots used were steady or hand-held. this because shooting a city like London can get problematic in terms of physically doing things. there are too many people that wont allow you to achieve the right result, premisses and so on.

The TimeLine for My Title Sequence

First of all I’m sorry if the quality isn’t very good i used the best device i had. Hope you can read it anyway.

This is the timeline of my title sequence, i chose the types of titles i wanted put, when to put them and so on. The name of my Title Sequence will be: THE HALF SEEN CITY.

dio madonnaaaaaThe title Sequence helped me to organise the ideas from a timing point of view, I had a limit of time and many shots to enclose in the product. I had to remove some of the shots because of time limit. It also managed to make me organise the title very well, I knew perfectly what titles to put and were. In the whole title sequence I used more or less 15 – 20 titles