Software Screenshots – How To Edit

I will post some screenshots of the software im using (Final Cut Pro X) to show you how I managed to achieve some of my results. I will guide you through the different sectors of Final Cut, from the main timeline to the transition templates and title options.

This first screen shot shows the whole screen of the software. The screen is divided mainly into two parts: the bottom one where the timeline is and the options of music titles and transitions are. while the top one is dedicated to the visual aspect of the video. It shows the video you edited till now in a central rectangle which is reletavely big. On the right we have all the options you are invited to use. By selecting the part you want to edit, from the sound to the shot to the title, all the options of editing will appear in that box. The central rectangle also shows the sample of the various things you use to create your video, the templates the titles and so on.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 16.22.05

The top left part of the screen is dedicated to the various shots you might be using. You have all the shots there in roder to chose them in an easier way and to see the sample of them in the center rectangle.
Schermata 12-2456274 alle 16.32.05

On the bottom right had side we can see several little boxes on top of a big rectangle. These little images are the reference to the different things you add to your video: the Photo camera allows you to add images, the music note makes you chose the music soundtrack and sound effects, the next one allows you to choose the transitions, while the letter T deals with titles and templates you want to add to your video.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 16.31.48

Once you have selected the title you want to use you can modify it on the top right square. Modifying a title is divided into three main groups: the “title” where you choose the colour of the font, the style of the writing alignment and so on; the “text” is where you write the phrase you want to use in your video, from there you can modify the size, the line spacing, the tracking, the kerning and base line. While the last one is “video” were you chose the colour the cropping and the trasformation of the title.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 16.31.31

This image below shows the timeline. Its basically divided into sound line (green one) and video line (blue one). On top of the timeline we see written numebers whch refer to the length of the video till then. On the right hand side there is a little switch that gives you the option of changing the size of the timeline and the general aspect of it, as in make the sound line bigger in order to make it clearer if you want to change it.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 16.36.45