Target Audience Analysis

The target audience is generally a specific group of people who a film is aimed at.  When a film is created people may be expected to enjoy the film more than others depending on the genre. They are the people who are entertained by what is portrayed in the film, on tape or in any other way of communicating something. The target audience can be defined by age, sex, or specific interests or prevailing themes such as science fiction or politics.

A film that could match with my title sequence genre could be “Mediterraneo” an Italian mid 90s film, which includes different genres like comic, drama, romance and adventure. The film manages to encircle the viewer in different mind tracks, which are all intertwined with each other. This allows the viewer to have a wider vision of the things happening in the story. I personally think this idea is particularly interesting because the director creates in his product a kind of complexity, where  stylistic canons are interweaved together with themes and irony.

I decided to create my product following the main ideas of a TV Serie; the shots, the music and the overall flow of the title sequence reminds us much more of a Theme Song Video of a Tv Serie. I chose “Mediterraneo” as an example, because it manages to collect many different characteristics regarding the macro features we can find within the Title sequence, exactly like my the product; a product that aims at an audience from the young age of 15 16 all the was to young adults mid 20s – 30s. What this kind of audience nowadays seek in entertaining Tv series is the variety of Macro features and themes, they wan to be satisfied by every point of view: some audience would like to see romance close to comic, or action and drama, or maybe even the both together. The main point of the product is to satisfy the audience with a variety of themes and an open-minded vision of new entertainment.   


The audience would expect to be satisfied depending on the chosen genre, and to be entertained and captivated by what is being performed.Their attention should be fully satisfied together with the pleasure of watching something closely related to the type of genre they chose. They expected to be carried along with the story and to feel what the characters could be feeling along with the different events happening.The audience may possibly expect to relate to the themes for example young girls relate to idealistic romance films, or boys to action and adrenalin filled movies.

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My title sequence won’t have a specific target audience, one of my objectives is to include as many types of style genres as possible without losing the concepts in which I will be basing my project. Even if there is no specific genre, the titles in my title sequence will have a satire genre. I like the idea of making the titles move together with moving props in the scenes, for example: filming a moving train coming towards the camera, the title will appear in front of the train and move closer and closer to the camera following the movement of the train. It will then fade away once reached the viewers eyes. i will target my audience by using a colorful approach, I will use warm colours during the title sequence to give an idea of cool simple entertaining, slice of life theme film.

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My product will roughly have a clear genre to be shown to the audience, we could say its comic drama; My target audience, young teenagers from the age of 15/16 all the way to young adults of an age of 30 years old will clearly understand the genre of the product by looking at the micro features of the product: the shots chosen for the title sequence will all have specific characteristics and features that fulfil the spectators thoughts.

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These features that people want to see, the all have a different meaning also depending from the point of view; the amazing lighting of the city at night, the clubs, the people working the whole night; all these little elements you can find walking down the road like can create an amazing environment were to enjoy your time. What really appeals the audience is the fact that the product manages to show the reality of the nightlife as you really see it when you’re there.


I used as example the Tv series “Suits” which is targeting the same audience I i am meant to aim at; I made some research on the chosen example and i could see that the audience the Tv Show is targeting is people from the age of 16 to young adults in their 30s. The numbers of people watching the Product are relatively high it goes around a 3.60 million total viewers (as shown here:

I chose this kind of target audience fist of all because I had it in mind right from the start and further on I managed to understand that my whole idea of enclosing  more than one genre might have been generated by watching my case studies which are all following a different path which I then grouped all together in order to  create an entertaining flow to the sequence.


By analysing Le Blues De Rameville which aimes at a young sporty audience i could feel the moment of tehtions and climax thanks to specific shots assembled well with the music in a very good and entartaining way. This is exactely what i  had in mind from the start: create a fascinating flow with a perfect balance through the elements and characteristics of the Sequence.


Then i chose to analyse Boardwalk Empirei because I wanted my project to have a TV Show theme to the title sequence and this product could clearly show me how a Tv series title sequences would look like and how the mnage to appeal the audience. I noticed the whole sequence was based on a slow  feeling, which kept increasing to find a climax. the audience by whatcing the pruduct feel captivated and pay more attentions to the names and all the little elements you can look for in a title sequence

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At last i chose The Warriors title sequence which right from the start attracted me thaks to the atmoshpere the director and editor managed to create, a smooth but at the same time thrilling flow. This characteristic has really influenced the overall image of the title sequence and managed to make it very appealing for  audiences of all ages.


What i understood from the anlysis  of these three products is that, in order to create a good product the balance through the elements in the video is vital and needs to be stable. The power of creating an equilibrium puts the viewer in an environment of trust towards the product chosen from himself and satisfys him.

I also looked for the viewings of the title sequence “Suits” on YouTube and I found a curious case; the viewers were really low but in the past months there has been an extremely high increasing of viewings, probably because the TV series gained more success worldwide.

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