Discussing Titles, Fonts, Templates and Special Effects

In my title sequence I used quite frequently special effects related to transitions between shots. I challenged myself by trying to overcome problems generated by ideas maybe to extreme, like some of the motorbikes shots. I had some difficulties finding the right template for the start of my title sequence, and in the end I abandoned the idea to working only with Motion and Final Cut so I looked around on the web for other solutions. At that point I went through different software’s and websites that could have helped me find what I was looking for and I ended up understanding how to Screen record things and adapt them to other software’s. I managed to attached a visual effects from iTunes to my Final Cut Project and make it work fluently.

Schermata 01-2456301 alle 17.56.57

This screenshot shows the visual effect taken from iTunes. To screen record the effect, I used a Quick Time Player option hidden inside of the software.

Schermata 01-2456301 alle 18.11.26

This other screenshots shows the Itunes effect dragged into Final Cut Pro.

I decided to used different types of titles in my title Sequence: I changed how they appear to our eyes; the colour, together with the size, the tracking and the font of all of them. I used the appropriate font and colour and movements related to what i needed to show to the audience.

I mainly used one type of font, which is Helvetica with a LETTERPRESS theme adapted to it. I changed some of the title colours in order to make the video ore interesting and organize the viewer’s ideas in a better and clearer way. I decided to use the specific fonts and templates in order to give a dark, but at the same time glowing theme to it, a kind of Gotham City. In the whole title sequence about 25 titles appear in different places ways and so on.

Schermata 01-2456308 alle 02.35.49

These are the different titles I could chose from. I decided that the most futuristic title that kept a simple outline was Letterpress so i chose that.

Schermata 01-2456308 alle 02.35.34

 I decided what titles to put in my title sequence basing my decisions on how would the film be if continued. For example the film would have given a lot of importance on the costumes, the soundtrack and photography; and of course to the production part which is of huge importance.

Schermata 01-2456308 alle 02.35.25