Exporting & Compressing My Project File

Exporting the video after editing it and revising it a few times, was an important step in order to conclude fully my project. Initially, since I was unexperienced in using the software, i exported it with the option directly from Final Cut Pro (like shown in the photo below).

Schermata 03-2456354 alle 01.35.04

I faced several problem regarding the compression of the file through the internet, the file was too big and it failed to complete. Together with the package of Final Cut Pro X the product included Motion and Compressor Softwares. I was initially attracted by the themes Motion offered, but later on I understood that they weren’t adaptable to the kind of video I had in mind.
Schermata 03-2456354 alle 01.35.34

On the other hand Compressor helped me achieve what I wanted; I managed to compress a file of 4,91 GB in to 290 MB. Later on after looking at the exported and compressed video on the internet I noticed the video started lagging and the timing of the images didn’t respect the timing of the music and the video lost lot’s of its potential. Since I used a quick cut to the beat edit I decided to compress the file and adjust a few mistakes I did in the editing but the software denied the option of exporting in the file i wanted. I tried to Re-install the software but the submit button was grayed out.



I looked on the internet other ways to export the file and I could find any, till when i remembered having a simple software (Quicktime Player)with which I managed to screen record the intro visual effect and drag it onto my Final Cut Timeline with no difficulties. The software also had a compressing and exporting option from which you could choose from: it could compress the file up to  1080 p. all the way to a simple 540 p that also managed to keep a good quality. I chose a 720p Exporting/Compression that easily made my file shrink into a 178 mb. The file was compressed easily, without losing too much time to understand how it worked and the compression was really fast too.

Schermata 03-2456356 alle 17.29.42

The image below shows the Quick TimePlayer Icon. Quick TimePlayer is a pre-installed software in Apple Computers (Mac) and offers you a wide range of options to work with regarding videos and audio files; You can do many different things, from the compression of a file to exporting it, you can also screen record and watch many different format videos on it. This software really helped me finalize my project and managed to give a touch of simplicity to all my work.



7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back at my preliminary task definitely helped me to understand what I improved and what I did wrong in the first place. I improved my skills in editing my scenes and in being innovative and creative in the ideas for my product. I also improved my shooting skills and how to use a camera and all the hidden features they have. My brother, who’s passion is photography helped me understand how to utilise the features of the camera enabling me to use it in the correct way in the specific moments.

I personally think it helped me a lot working on my own, I had the opportunity to control the whole environment without anyone elses ideas impacting on my own creative thought. Working on my project all on my own helped me first of all to get used to hard long work, and also to be able to use my own initiative to understand where I may have gone wrong. This subject isn’t a subject you can do at the last minute, you need time to contemplate, to understand where you’ve fallen, what you could improve and where you have excelled, it’s all based on you, so you can’t fail.

Schermata 01-2456314 alle 01.50.20

Looking back at my initial ideas for the video and comparing them to my preliminary task i can see, how my mind automatically achieved much more knowledge through the scholastic year and applied it as well as possible to my creativity in order to create a product with a perfect balance.

6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

From the creation of this product I have learnt several new things about technologies; how they work, how you can utilise them and how they affect people.

I had to get to grips with many different types of technologies for the creation of my title sequence, including; the camera (exposure, lighting, focus especially at night becomes much more difficult), the use of the complicated editing software and learning how to use the blog website. The editing software played an integral part, from the very start I had to get used to overcome technical problems, from the camera to the computer, web and software.



Technologies allow you to reach things and levels you have desire to reach; The only price to pay is the understanding of how the different things work and what kind of process they have before finalizing the chosen product you personally want.

Definitely in this subject, technology play’s an extremely relevant part, we could say that the whole subject is based on technology, but this is only the narrow vision of it. These days technology has changed in order to serve our desires, this means that you are allowed to do anything you thought about doing, the only thing to do, is to learn how to do it. This part of the construction of the product helped me get used to overcome technical problems regarding software’s maybe some malfunctioning’s parts and so on. Learning how to use technological objects doesn’t only help you to understand how those objects work, but helps you to understand all the other features that you could find in different fields.


Schermata 01-2456301 alle 18.11.26

Through every stage of my production, for my preliminary task, where I used different softwares (iMovie which instead was very basic and didn’t allow us to achieve the ideas we had in mind for our future more sophisticated and professional Title sequence) and cameras. The research and planning didn’t change a lot from our preliminary task, my ideas became more sophisticated but we applied them in the same way. For our final Title sequence I used instead a much more complex and professional software called: Final Cut Pro X that managed to apply on to the video the ideas I had from the start. It took a bit to get my head around the software, at a point were I decided to edit a video for fun, in order to understand how the programme worked and how could I achieve my ideas.

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

I addressed my audience by choosing specific places where to shoot my title sequence, I engaged them by showing what they want to see, modern, fast, fascinating,  colourful city life. London, I thought would be the perfect spot to satisfy the spectators hunger of night life.

Schermata 01-2456314 alle 01.32.38

I attracted my audience by promoting the product in tv adverts and especially on social networks where people are always ready to discover new tv programs, and other stuff. It also attracts the viewer, the environment where they would like to be, things they might be wanting to do with their friends on the Saturday night, all these images are showed clearly to entice the viewer to be there.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 15.53.41

I also attracted my audience by showing them the best images of the places and buildings in the city in order to want them to come to the city and witness these sites with their own eyes. I also attracted them by giving the right theme to the images in order to catch their attention, using warm lights and visual effects in order to mesmerize he audience.

Schermata 12-2456274 alle 15.57.32

Through the editing of the video I decided to make the editing of the video difficult to follow, by cutting a bit before the correct notes is played together with the image and the music, not leaving too much time to read the titles or watching carefully the images. This is what the city, London, the Metropolis is all about; Not having enough time for everything, doing things in a rush, living FAST.  This type of editing is voluntary, it has messages, meanings and thoughts behind it. This of course is related to the title of the Sequence: The Half Seen City, because you can’t see it all, be everywhere, it’s too big and too deep for anyone, it’s a city you’ll never see the full picture of, and therefore is a half seen city.

Schermata 03-2456364 alle 01.57.12I used this Screen Grab as an example; Through the video is difficult to catch the full image of the bridge and the name of the production designer, but if you pay enough attention you can see all there is to see.

Schermata 03-2456362 alle 21.14.59This image if seen during the video, is shown not even for a second, it’s quickly cut to another image, following the drop. The whole editing gives the video an original theme to it.


4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

The audience for my media product would probably be young people; , from the age of 15-16 all the way to 35-38 years old under a global audience. My product mainly shows images and shots of the Underground life of London so it wouldn’t maybe suite people that like to stay home Friday, Saturday night reading books and then go to bed early. Showing london at night with the bright lights and busyness creates an air of excitement that may appeal to the younger generations. It will target them by showing specific images they want to be shown, specific places and people. One of the objectives of my title sequence is to entice the viewers to want to go where the sequence has been shot.



The Genre also plays a relevant part in targeting the audience; My product encloses several themes and genres that suit the different people desires, in watching the product. The different themes you can find in the product as in: nigh-life, youth, modernity in the city life create a shelter where the consumer (the viewer) feels conformable to stay. the environment where the viewer finds himself doesn’t necessarily need to be diverse in a extreme way, my product offers those little diversities that the public wants to see, real life in a fake reality.





3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The media institution that would easily distribute my media product would be a TV channels, like the BBC or Chanel 4. My title sequence wouldn’t entice people to go to the cinema to watch it, but would entice people that come home after work late, and want to relax watching something that doesn’t require any type of mental effort, just pure entertainment. How the product is advertised and portrayed to the public, entices the viewers to look forward or deeper into the product to see what is hidden inside of it. My product could also never be distributed in cinemas because people would like to know what their going watch before going out of their homes; whilst on the tv, an everyday pleasure and relaxing moment, not knowing what is going to be broadcast is a kind of intrigue and entertaining feeling you have. There might be something totally new you are really curious to find out what it is. It might as well be distributed by Broadcasting Companies that could sell the product on dvd’s, pay per view etc.


My product is the classic tv programme that would attract old teenagers, or people that live in big cities and like the modern city life, and most of these kind of people like to enjoy their evenings watching entertaining videos showing typical lifestyle they would like to have in real life.

Schermata 02-2456346 alle 16.16.02

Another Media Company that would distribute my product would be Netflix; Netflix target a wide variety of audiences and enclose in their archive of products several genres and themes. The “Half Seen City” Tv show would have great success on a easy-viewing basis. By making the product easy to watch we are inducing the audiences to follow their curiosity in order to satisfy their desires. Netflix matches well with the product im creating because it manages to maintain the idea of easy-viewing, captivating visual entertainment and this is exactly what Netflix whats to show to their audience.


The distribution would be worldwide and this is thanks to the many companies that promote the broadcasting of TV Shows through internet or consoles. My product has to have an easy access, in order to induce the people to watch it. It will be available on websites and companies like Netflix or broadcasted by mainstream channels on the television like the BBC and Channel 4. The idea of making it available on consoles, fulfils the idea of attracting specific young audiences, that will certainly take a look at the new product made available on their favourite Gaming Console.


2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My media product represents particular social groups by showing specific types of images related to what the viewers want to see. The genre of my title sequence is similar to some of the samples I’ve been looking at (Suits). Before starting my three title sequence analysis I had my ideas very mixed up and I didn’t really know what genre to use. So I decided to let the city influence my decision, I made my shots and then at home I chose the best footage to apply to my title sequence. I ended up creating a title sequence which can easily leads us to think about a modern TV show about the night life in big city’s. Generally these kind of tv series aim at young social groups that go from the 15-16 years old to the late thirties. It manages to represent these social groups very clearly thanks to the style I chose; all the shots are during the night time, the time when the youth comes out of their homes and go and have fun with their friends. The colours, how it’s edited cut to the beat, the type sof shots, all of these features appeal to the youth.


Schermata 01-2456314 alle 00.55.43

Throught the title sequence i tended to crate a contrast between the images and colours present in the frame; representing the different sides, ideas, colture’s and backgrounds we see every day around us. I tried to make the shots match with the colours in the various shots, create a special atmoshpere in the viewers mind, make him feel hypnotised by the editing and the music. This was the point of major power when it came to target the young audience around the world.